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VIDEO - Hoang Viet Y.E.P 2018

Hoang Viet is my old workplace. I have a lot of memories there. The events I used to organize, the CSR campaigns I participated in, the Promotions I planned, and the achievements of my efforts and teammates. And the most memorable markers are the moments I recorded during the films below.

Thai Khuong Song

This song contains Thai Khuong’s soul, which I considered my second home when I wrote this song. I hope you will have the power of passion with this melody.

Thai khuong song


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We have invested a lot of time, effort, design, content, and SEO on this website. I have some Web and other older versions. You can scroll down the text to see the mobile version. ↓

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TKS Team
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Anh Phước - TKS


As everyone knows, practical marketing activities must be based on analytical data. Our team is based on gathering data here (most of the data I have hidden) to brainstorm. Or direct template here!

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